About dqb

An image study that bets on sustainable designs

dqb is an image design studio based in Buenos Aires that links art and photography, specializing recently in crafting sustainable handmade goods. This project’s architect is the Art Director, Dominique Besanson, who studied design in Milan and Art & Photography in New York. In 2002 she took the entrepreneurial plunge and created dqb, in Argentina, her homeland. During the first five years, she dedicated herself to fashion design and giving advice on aesthetics matters to different brands, giving solutions through decors, creating videos, working on fashion stores display windows, and designing fashion shows, fashion shorts and recently, web designs.

In 2006, having completed several aesthetics projects with deep beliefs on ethical production matters, Ms. Besanson started to make her own products branded with the name dqb products, under the leitmotiv of sustainability. These products are made of recycled fabrics that have been discarded by designers or by fashion labels. The materials are later modified to make them more suitable for Dominique’s design. dqb’s process is called up cycling, giving an extra use or sense to something that was made for another purpose. This process contributes positively to environmental issues. Ms. Besanson’s ideas advocate the concept of Do it yourself (DIY). This proposal suggests that people should make more things with their hands and should avoid the compulsive of seasonal or trend shopping.

dqb products have been sold in a variety of stores throughout Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. The principal was located in New York, which allows dqb to reap the benefits of significant cost savings. Dominique’s wholesale strategy is based on e-commerce, a tool that enables her to work on a global basis.

Ms. Besanson works under a golden rule, everything that she designs is sewed, knitted or embroidered in an hour, aproduction schedule she follows methodically: “One day I draw an outline, the next I sew and the following day I ship”.

In addition to all of these activities, in 2008, Besanson also created the knitting club Santa Claridad in Buenos Aires, a membership for knitters to learn and improve their technique while working on personal and charity projects.

For further information
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